Choosing impossible or possible.

I think one of the biggest hurdles for people is that they simply don't believe it's possible. 

IT? What is IT?

It's different for each person. It could be not believing in oneself. In earning an abundant living. In falling in love. In transcending consciousness. In living powerfully. In having a fulfilling existence. Not possible!

But why? Why isn't it possible?

We certainly have a myriad of reasons. We look to our life circumstances as a way to justify. 

However, that is only one part to the issue. Another part is that there is some deep core belief that reinforces the impossibility. And the final part is that we are actually made to think it's impossible. Society lays out certain paths for us to reach this goal. If we don't fit into one of the buckets that can travel such a path, Impossible!

And yet, it's actually possible. 

Step one: See on the surface why it looks impossible. Step two: Dig deeper and find the core reason why it's impossible. Step three: See where society has created the impossibility with only creating several avenues for success. 

Step four: Begin to retrain your thinking as to why it's possible. Find examples of people who have done the impossible. Read it, breathe it. 

Step five: Feel it. Embody it. Flow with it. Live it. Where there was once a NO, put a YES. 

It's simple programming. All we really have to do is reprogram the machine, our minds, to believing anything is possible. is. 



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