Why I write this blog

How do I write these posts? I get asked this a lot. 

I would say 99.7% of them are written fresh, everyday. Rarely written in advance. 

I sit down, do a little meditation, tune into a place inside me and feel what's a brewing. 

Sometimes it's genius. Sometimes it's utter garbage. Sometimes it's on point. Sometimes it's pretty damn bizarre. 

But what is the one constant? The one reason I write?  To help people end stupid suffering.

I call it stupid because, well, it's just stupid. We are so much more than stupid suffering. We are so much more powerful than this stupid suffering. That we should never accept stupid suffering. Fuck suffering. 

When I began this blog I was just beginning to discover this stupid suffering in myself. That I didn't have to accept my life the way it was. The way I freely gave away my time, my voice, and my thoughts. And I started to realize that I was way more intelligent than I gave myself credit for.

I also was discovering that life was allowed to be enjoyable. That I could decide. That I could have fun, laugh, cry, rage, fear, all at the same time. That I could be me! Never stopping. 

But most importantly, when I began this blog, I discovered that I had a choice. That the chaos no longer had to simply be accepted. That there were options. That stupid suffering, was stupid. 

So, while I plan on writing for many more moons, the goal is always to help people end their stupid suffering. Because at the end of the day, we're all in this together. 

Catch you on the flip side...of suffering.



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