My car caught fire but I landed a role on Charmed

When I was an actor out in Los Angeles back in the early 2000's I owned a Dodge Stratus. My mom gave me the family car to drive cross country to pursue my dream of becoming an actor. 

This car was my chariot. A king among kings. It was my ticket to Hollywood. 

Slowly but surely, in truest form of American automotive engineering, it started to fall apart. But it didn't stop me. I was on a mission. 

One day I got a call from my talent manager, "you need to go to Spelling Studios and audition for the TV show Charmed." Done. This was my big break nothing was going to stop me. NOTHING. 

Ahh, but alas, the Dodge Stratus had other intentions. 

As I drove down Miracle Mile, the engine started to overheat. Didn't care. I could throw water on it. I had 10 minutes to make the audition. 

Then smoke started billowing out. Didn't care, Water!

Then fire. 

I cared.

I pulled over right outside the building my audition was held in, flung open the hood and WOOF, flames. Pouring out everywhere. I HAD NO TIME FOR THIS. My entire future depended on it. 

Water didn't work. I didn't know what to do. Time was ticking. Did I deal with a car a flamin or go to the audition?  My chariot. My ticket. My baby. 

I chose the audition and let the car burn.

I came out there to act. I came out there to succeed. I came out there for a dream. And I as sure as fuck wasn't going to let a little flaming car stop me. 

I got the role. I was on Charmed. I also able got into the Screen Actors Guild. Big breaks for me.

And the car? Burnt to a crisp. Plus the good ol' LAPD found it necessary to give me a parking ticket for my flaming car. Classic. 

So here's the thing. There is always a flaming car. There will always be a flaming car. Where there is a dream, there will be a flaming car. 

Now, you can choose two paths. 1. Let it create stupid suffering. Or 2. Acknowledge it and move on. 

#2 is so much easier. So much less drama. So much more aligned. So much more. 

It's not always easy to pass by a flaming car, but if we know it's going to be there, then at least we can bring a fire extinguisher and move on. 

Let nothing interrupt the mission. The dream. And certainly not a little fire. 



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