Why chaos might be good.

To embrace the chaos or to push it away? That is the question. 

For years, I pushed it away. It scared me. I feared it. I loathed it. I hated when anything would change. I was comfortable. I was safe. I knew. I understood. I was in control. 

Ah, but right around the corner, chaos. And in a world where the only thing that is guaranteed is change/chaos, at some point we must embrace it. 

Yesterday I was in chaos. I knew it well. Same old flavor. Judgment, fear, a hint of self-loathing. All the makings of a very unproductive Monday afternoon. 

However, instead of resisting it. Letting me spiral into an oblivion of insanity. I leaned in. I pushed into the chaos and surrendered. 

I surrendered to the feelings that I desperately fought against. I surrendered to the fear of what was on the other side. I surrendered to all of it. 

And wouldn't you know. The sonofabitch, chaos, was actually power. 

IT WAS POWER!!! It was a force. It was energy. It was manifestation. It was fertile creation. 

If we were born from chaos, then we must know it. Somewhere deep down. It is in our blood. It is our blueprint. It is who we are. 

We are chaos. 

Welcome home. 



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