A very important tool to maintaining success.


This is one of the most powerful tools to success out there. 

For example: There is a situation. We see it one way. We place our judgments on it. Beliefs. What we "know." And then something falls short. It turns out the situation required us to think bigger. To go beyond our normal habits. To hear something we need to hear. See something we needed to see. And we missed it.

This is important.  

Because perspective is the tool to see what we actually don't know. The blind spots. The parts of ourselves that fool ourselves. The loops. The safety nets. The comfort zones. The smallness. 

Where does perspective come from? Normally another person. Someone that we trust. That has our best interests in mind. And what I've found, is one that doesn't coddle. One that loves, yes, but doesn't coddle the parts of ourselves that bullshit ourselves. 

How do you know you need perspective? Because something is seriously not working in life. Something that is repeating itself over and over. Something that is not changing. 

I was recently given some perspective. It was in a total blindspot. A place I didn't know that I didn't know. 

It was not comfortable. I did not enjoy it. I wanted to react.

My response? Silence. 

Why? Because I trusted. I knew deep down this reflection could save/change my life. 

Let's not kid ourselves, this is not easy. But a shift in perspective may shift a life. Your life. My life.

Seek it out. Use discernment. It does not mean you become a punching bag. It doesn't mean you accept projections. All it means is that you hear the truth about where you are not showing up. Where the loop is no longer cute. Where it's selfish. 

And then show up. For you. 

See you there.



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