Create a roadmap.

Create your own roadmap. 

This can be extremely liberating. Breaking all rules. Heading to the unknown. 

Where once it was said that it can never happen, you prove that it can. 

Where once there was only one way, you prove there are multiple. 

I think where we tend to get hung up is that we have a result we want in life and follow a very focused, narrow path. One laid out by society and culture. 

And as we travel this path it gets narrower and narrower until A) we run out of options and have to choose the only option left or B) we get squeezed to death and quit. 

That's how we are taught to think. 

But when you create your own roadmap, boom, infinite possibilities! 

I see this all the time with clients. I see it with myself. World open up. Creativity abounds. 

It's really simply deciding. 

Will you follow the old or create the new? Your choice.



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