Enlightenment tastes like chicken

If you really think about it, this life is a little insane. 

We are put here on this earth. With no idea what or who we are. 

We then take cues from our parents, our surroundings, and our society. 

Based on that we build an identity. 

Then we meet other people who have followed this same model. An identity built from external input. 

Then we are asked to work with these people. Live with these people. Mate with these people.

And thus the cycle begins again. An entire species forming identities pieced together without really knowing who they are internally.

This is why we are in the predicament we are in. The stress. The anxiety. The fear. The anger. The sexual frustration. The numbness. The following instead of leading. 

But, all is not lost. If we can begin to disassociate from this patch work "self," we will get to the real us. 

We start to look at the world through OUR lens. One with clarity. With power. Like a beast. Not a person layered in programming. 

Shackled no more!

Ahh, taste that freedom.

Tastes like...chicken. 



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