Listen to the whisper...

In the remote parts of ourselves, there is a thing that knows things

We can't necessarily put words to it. 

But it knows. 

Some may call it intuition. Others, magic. Or the divine. Connection.

Who knows.  But this part of us does. And it doesn't need a label. It doesn't need permission. 

It's there. Now, we can either face this thing that knows or we can turn away from it. Ignore it. Pretend that it doesn't exist. 

The pisser with the latter option is that it could keep us from the greatest adventure yet. 

Could you imagine if all we had to do was acknowledge this part? Whispering in the background. 

It ain't easy. It may be confronting. But it's there. It is not going anywhere. And in my experience, it will find a way to make us listen. 

Better to choose on our terms.

Better to choose magic. 

I mean, fuck it. What else we got goin on?



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