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"It's not working. I feel like an impostor. They'll figure me out. Before every meeting I am anxious and it's draining. I'm working with the CEO directly and I feel fucked."

This was what came out of the mouth of my corporate coaching client a few days ago. My partner and I founded a company, The Other 50, which goes into companies and get people to strategize, learn, and lead through transitions and massive upleveling moments. If anyone has seen the tv show Billions, it's essentially what Wendy Rhoades does. 

But, back to my client. 

This person is a killer. Natural instincts. A real know-how of the world. Street smart. But was told a long time ago she had a learning disability. That the way she learned was slow and unproductive. And it has haunted her ever since. Thus, impostor syndrome. 

What did we do? We figured out how she learned and turned it into a weapon as opposed to a disability. 

First, we found where she has succeeded. What she was naturally good at. Turns out she likes building stuff for people. Loves visualizing and figuring out their "why" for building. She once built a kitchen island for her mother. She did it from a place of giving. She dove into it from curiosity. She planned it out in her head. She wanted to get crystal clear on what her mom wanted and how she could deliver. She was excited. And that's how she learned. That's how she worked. And that was HER style of working. 

And so we reverse engineered that to apply to her job. Instead of trying to sell or be perfect, she began by asking questions. She began to become curious of the needs of her clients. There was no pressure because it was a genuine wanting to know. What do you want and how can I provide that for you? Boom. 

From there, she built. She created. She delivered. 

So we boiled her style of learning and doing down to a few bullet points:

1. She needs to feel a connection to the WHY of her client. 
2. She needs to genuinely want to help. 
3. She needs to have enough information gathered to begin to build. 
4. She needs to be prepared enough to feel confident. 
5. She needs to feel that she embodies the project as opposed to another check for the boss. 

If she didn't have these met, she wouldn't care and would struggle. 

She left crying. Not because of me but because she didn't know she was allowed to learn this way. That she could use her gifts as strengths. She didn't know what her damn gifts were! 

This session took 40minutes. In 40 minutes we uncovered 30yrs of judgment, mislearning, a presumed disability, and what her superpowers were. 

I say this because at the end of the day, we all need a coach, Eric Schmidt of Google said, "If you are looking to grow and be at the top of your game, get a coach. Seriously."

We can't know it all. But what scares the shit out of me most is the latent power most of us have that is hidden by some unknown program that blocks us from embodying a completely different level. It not only scares me but it pisses me off. We should all be goddamn commanders of our lives. Big, bold, and beautiful. 

My ask to you: Our company, The Other 50, is looking to take on two new clients, if you or anyone you know in the corporate, startup, accounting, professional world is looking for coaches that dig into the depths with your team or individually, please reach out to me. I promise it will uplevel you in ways you can't comprehend. 

Please forward to anyone who may be interested. I truly appreciate the share. 


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