This will never work...

We all look to the external for satiation. 

A new car, house, partner, child, job, income, challenge, whatever. 

We all do it. And we want more. That's fine. 

But at the end of the day the only person that can fill that void... is you. 

It is that internal space that has been forgotten. Neglected. Rejected. The part that is afraid, ashamed, and alone. 

It is that place that is screaming at the depths of your being to be seen. 

That, whatever THAT is, needs attention. And nothing will fill it. Nothing. 

But, there is hope. Because when you look inward, see it, feel it, weep with it, wrestle with it, own it, love it, and embrace it, then the healing can occur.

Those external things, they still matter, but not in a NEEDY way. Now they can be loved even more. From power.


Because you are now whole.



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