8 rules I live by

When you are like me and there is very little grey zone, it is good to have very solid rules in place. Because if there is grey in my life, I will abuse it. I need absolutes. 

Thus these rules are extremely useful when I fall off the wagon. 

For example, here are a few rules in my life that are absolutes.

1. Always wake up by 6am. Be meditating by 6:15, 1-2hrs. 
2. Workout 4 times a week. Run 3. 
3. A cold shower twice a day.
4. No booze, ever. 
5. No bread and sugar during the week. 
6. No eating after 7pm. 
7. Be in bed by 10:30pm. 
8. Write this blog 5 times a week. 

These are 8 extremely clear rules. My brain knows exactly what to do for each. I don't need to think about them anymore. They are engrained. 

However, do I fail? Oh yes. Sometimes wildly. Sometimes at epic proportions. But, because I have these 8 rules, I know exactly what I need to do immediately after I stray the course. Exactly where to jump right back in. 

These work for me. Find what works for you and do it over and over and over again. Look at the sum total compared to the failures. You may be surprised at how successful you truly have been. 



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