Are you a wet noodle or a hound from hell?

When we really know what we want, we can unleash a torrent of furious hell upon anything that stands in our way. 

When we really don't know we want, we are flaccid as a wet noodle being dragged across a face. 

Now, this noodle comes from decision fatigue. New shiny things. Indecision. Inaction. A lot of talk. 

And it is deadly. Years can be wasted in simply following the path of a noodle. Being dragged over any surface it comes into contact with. No path other than the person dragging it. 

This happens in relationships. Careers, Life! Dragged along, limp and of no use at all. 

Ahhhh but when a decision is made. When a choice acted upon. When a direction picked. 

We become unstoppable-nay, unfathomable! hounds from hell that will burn all in our path to our wanting. 

It's so damn hot. It's so damn sexy. It's so damn unnoodleish.  



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