Beware of the funk

Things can get a little funky.

Things in our refrigerator. 

Things in our bodies. 

Things in our minds. 

Things in our lives.

The thing about living in funk is that it becomes the norm. Funk as the new norm, scary!

Not quite feeling right. Not really clear. Kind of a somber mood. Not really excited anymore. Going through the routine. Funk. 

How to get out of it? Shock the funk. Whatever you're doing, do the opposite. Take that day off. Go to the beach. Talk to a friend. Workout. Eat crickets. Climb a mountain. Shout at the wall. 

Funk can rarely be cured from the mind. It needs to be done through action and action only. 

Because once you get the whole body online you can assess what causes the funk and stop it before it takes hold again. 

Do not accept the funk.



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