Nonsensical surrender


This is always a big word thrown around in transformation. 

"Surrender to the bigger parts. JUST SURRENDER. To the universe. To trust. To light."

I'm always curious when people say that type of stuff, have they themselves really surrendered? 

Or does it just sound good? A nice t-shirt from a yoga studio. 

Because surrender ain't easy. Surrender requires your identity to be smoked. Forgotten. Blown up. 

Surrender requires all the deepest parts that want to hold on for dear life to let go. 

Surrender is an act of will. 

Is it worth it? Damn straight it is. I mean, we either do it now, or at death. Probably best to get on with it. Surrendering an entire life at death can probably be quite a shock. 

But before we minimize it, we must realize what goes into it. 

And that is the totality of everything you think you are and are not. So if you've struggled with "surrendering," I get you. And congrats on fighting the good fight. 

Catch you on the flip side.



Bryce KennedyComment