The Power of Adaptability

Adaptability is key. 

When it's raining out, we bring an umbrella. When it snows, a warm coat. When it's hot, no coat. 

It's common sense. We accept the weather as always changing. We don't expect it to be the same. We know there are seasons. We realize weeks on end can be rainy. We get it. That's life on earth. 

So why does it change when it comes to our own lives? When we go through our personal version of a drought? Or when it's a hurricane? Or a furious snowstorm of problems?

Why do we believe that these ebbs and flows are permanent? Where is that knowing that it will change just as the weather changes?

If we want to look at empirical evidence, let's look at our lives. Have they not changed? Have we not been as high as mountain tops and as low as gullies? Has not all hell broken loose only to be followed by an event of divine timing? 

I mention this for anyone who is in a rut. A gully. A place that is stuck. Look to the evidence of life. To life on this planet. It will change. It always has. It always will. 

Better to spend that time engaging action as opposed to worrying about eternity.  Trust me, I know from experience. 



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