Warning: Not for the eyes of children

Warning, strong language. Either cover your eyes, have a lawyer redact the offensive words, or simply replace the words with "giggle." Ex: I fucking love cats. Now: I giggle love cats. 

Ok, let's begin. 

I was listening to this P!nk song called, “I Am Here” and there was a particular line that struck me as quite interesting. In this song she's claiming what she wants. She's telling the world. Nothing to hide. I loved it!

"I wanna make some mistakes, I wanna sleep in the mud
I wanna swim in the flood, I wanna fuck 'til I'm done
I like whiskey on ice, I like sun in my eyes
I wanna burn it all down, so let's start a fire
I wanna be lost, so lost that I'm found
Naked and laughing with my blood on the ground"

 But the line that struck me? 

"I wanna fuck 'til I'm done."

This piece of me was like, FUCK YES! Her demanding that sex ain't over until she's done!

"I wanna fuck 'til I'm done."

It got me thinking, where are the places in our lives that we don't fuck 'til we're done?

Where are the places we settle for a half of a fuck? Or a quarter? Or none at all?

Where are the places we don't even know we are allowed to say "I wanna fuck 'till I'm done."

P!nk simply claiming something quite obvious was so damn beautiful.

It's the obvious things that can escape us. They sure as hell escape me. It's the obvious things that have become so habitual and normalized that we take for granted. That in those moments we have the power to claim what we want. That we have the power to own ALL aspects our lives. Like, fucking 'til we're done. 

And when we start to pull back the wool from our eyes, we see how we haven't been allowed to claim what we want. How? 

By not even knowing we even had a choice! 

So, if you want to be like P!nk, claim it. Own it. 

And for the love of God, fuck 'til you're done!



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