Absolute Power

We are sovereign beings. 

No one technically has control over us. No one. 

Of course this is very different from the way we were brought up. 

In school it was the teacher who was our ruler. 

At work, our boss. 

And at an even grander scale, our government. 

At some point we hand over our power to these "authority" figures and abide by their rules. 

It's an interesting paradigm if you really think about it. 

We were born a living breathing being on earth. 

At the most fundamental level we are simply animals wandering the great expanse of earth in hopes of survival. 

Nowhere did it say that by being born we agree to be an indentured servant. Beholden to a set of principles we never consciously agreed to. 

I bring this up because on a much smaller scale it is crucial to see where we abide by these principles that bind us. That enslave us. That keep us imprisoned in the constraints of social norms. 

If you are dissatisfied with any part of your life, begin by looking at the "rules" or this hierarchical structure that puts you at the bottom. Or hell, anywhere below the top. 

ANYWHERE BELOW THE TOP is relinquishing your right to be the absolute power you were meant to be.  



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