Open Sesame!

When we bang our head against the same door day after day, week after week, year after year, we should start to ask ourselves, "Is this the right door." 

Or "Is this the only way in?" Or "What is in there that has me going through this door?" And so on...

Most of us focus on the door to get what we want. How to open it. How to get past the guard. How to enter and pass the threshold.

Because we are told that we must go through that door. That door is what will give us access to xyz. 

But what if that's incorrect? What if the door was put there for the sheep of the world? To get us stuck? What if there was another door? Another window? Another hole in the wall? 

Another way in!

Once we step back and assess the door, our world can change. 

We are no longer reliant on the door. 

We are are free to choose our path. 

Fuck the door. 

Open Sesame!



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