Your secret weapon to life

I remember the very first moment I stepped foot into an acting class. 

I was older than everyone else. I was an attorney skipping out on my lunch breaks. 

I didn't know what emotions were. I was pretty closed off. I felt so out of place. 

And on top of that there was a shit storm of judgment assaulting my mind. 

I barely made it through the front door. Seriously. It was that bad. The anxiety was deafening. I almost passed out. 

But that is precisely why I had to do it. 

That is my indicator. Deafening anxiety. 

My indicator that this moment must be conquered. That I must push through. That an opportunity is being presented that is so excruciatingly uncomfortable that either I confront it right then and there or I retreat and face it another time. Sometimes even worse. 

I know this indicator well. It has been there when I proposed to my wife. When I quit being a lawyer. When I gave my first IST session. When I first learned how to meditate. When I first landed a big client and when I started my corporate coaching company with my partner Katie. 

The indicator. Sheer deafening anxiety. 

Has it gotten better through the years? Ah, slightly. Maybe a whisper better. Not really.

But what has changed is that I recognize it and use it to my advantage. I use it as an "a-ha" moment that something on the other side is BIG and I need to continue on. 

And just knowing that is what helps me succeed. Because before I would crumble. Now, I rise. 

Find your indicator. Know it well. Don't judge it. And use it as your secret weapon to your victories in life. 



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