To Sleep? To Live? To Burn?

The more and more I work with people the more I realize that we all get lost at some point. 

At some point we wake up and think, "damn, how the hell did I get here?"

"Is this my life? Is this what I envisioned?"

And then hopefully, we start asking ourselves more questions. 

"Am I happy? Am I fulfilled? If I die tomorrow will I look back and say I gave it my all? Am I going through the motions? Is there more of me that can come online? What's holding me back? What are my beliefs?"

It's when we start asking ourselves these deep questions that we can begin to shift. 

However, it is crucial not to judge where we are at in that moment of "Oh fuck, is this my life?"

It simply is. 

The next step is asking the tough questions. 

The final step is taking action. 

And action can go a few different ways. 

1. We can accept our reality, make peace with it and continue living the way we have. We simply continue on the path of half asleep, half awake. 2. We accept our reality, we decide that we are unsatisfied with that reality, and we change it. Step by step. Thought by thought. Inch by inch. 3. We blow up our reality in a glorious ball of destruction leaving nothing in our wake. Everything destroyed. Job, family, home, humanity. 

Now, I've done all 3. I've pulled the blanket over my head and resigned to my fate. I've also decided to make changes necessary for living my biggest life. And I've also destroyed everything I've held dear to me over and over again. (I'm quite good at #3).

However, for me, #2 seems to work best. It's tough. It's ownership. It's step by step by step. There are no shortcuts with #2. It can be painful. But it's also like building a muscle. It's strengthening my ability to choose in every moment through awareness. To choose to be BIG. To be powerful. Second by second. And then to own my fucking life!

I'm not saying there's no chance I won't revert back to #1 and #3. I'm sure it will happen. But, it's how quickly I can move back to #2 that counts. 

When you're ready, you will see these three choices. Neither is right or wrong. You just sure as hell want to be awake enough to choose on your terms. 

To sleep? To live? To burn? 

Ohh what fun it is being human. The possibilities are endless. 



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