The New Moon is upon us

The New Moon is today. Actually it was about 7 minutes ago as I write this. 

Why is this important? It is a chance to quiet the mind. Turn inward. Release expectations. Surrender this incessant trying we all have. And start something powerful.

This new moon asks of us to pause. Take a beat. See what we feel. What haven't we seen about ourselves? What are we hiding from? A new moon can confront the hidden parts. 

And we can hide from these parts or we can face them. Allow them to be seen. Owned. 

It's not easy. Because these parts stay hidden for a reason. There is often shame and guilt wrapped around it. Discomfort. Judgment. "We are bad, evil, unkind, unworthy, selfish..."

The new moon brings to the surface these feelings. And either we push them back down for another cycle or we open to them. Feel them. Shed them. Obliterate them. Own them. 

And then begin anew. The "new" moon is in fact a great period to begin things. It's a great time for momentum. A great time to decide, with humility and power, what you want. 

But ultimately it's a surrender to the bigger parts of yourself that have been hidden. 

Surrender. Open. Own. Be. 



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