Something is a brewin'

I’ve been meditating for most of my waking hours here in Northern California.

I had time to reflect on my last program. Eight weeks of transformation for a small group that chose to go deep. I asked one client what's changed for you after working together:

"Life feels good. My brain feels good. My body feels good. My confidence feels good. Sex feels good. Productivity feels good. 5 miles feels good. Letting go of red meat feels good. Conquering anxiety feels good. Meditating feels good. Breathing techniques feel good." EH, I Am Man Class of 2019

With the clarity of recent days its clear that this is what I want to throw my entire weight into. One of the themes that really hit hard over the last program was the importance of my clients knowing what they want and giving it their all. 

I going to work with 6 men to make incredible, lasting change so they have 
more intensity, more power and more to give.

If this hits you right now, email me back. Let me know what specifically you want in your life right now.

And I’ll let you know more details soon.  



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