The cast iron skillet of life

Here in the old Kennedy household, we cook with cast iron skillets. I love the beasts and their versatility. 

That said, the one problem with them is the handle. Due to the fact the entire skillet is, well, cast iron, there is no buffer for the handle. Thus, one damn hot handle. 

To rectify this issue I started looking at ways not to burn my hand. Easiest, get oven mitts. 

Well, with my neurosis, I went down a rabbit hole of which were the best oven mitts out there. Silicons, wools, NASA approved materials. And then we had the mitt itself. A mitt, a cloth, a pad, the thickest, the thinest, the best.

An incredible amount of time wasted on solving the case of the hot handle. 

My reality came crashing down when I saw something that would shake me to the core. 

I was visiting a home when I noticed something on the stove. A cast iron skillet. Made sense, they were good people. But there was something different about it. 

There was a silicon sleeve on the handle! They needed no mitt. No towel. No potholder. Nothing. 

The problem was solved right at the source. Neutralize the heat. Don't look for bandaids, temporary fixes or surface level solutions. Go to the root!

And while this may seem trivial, I assure you it was mind blowing. Because I began to think, what other "problems" am I accepting as unchangeable and focusing on ways to find temporary fixes? Where am I not addressing the problem directly? What have I accepted as my reality and looking at ways to mitigate the impact?

As opposed to deciding the simplest, most powerful, most direct course of action. 

Fix the hot damn handle! 

P.s. Greatest invention ever! 



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