A life fulfilled.

Every major teaching out there says the Self is the key to a life fulfilled. 

Go inside. And BE it. 

It's as simple as that.

Ha, I wish.

And why? Why is it so hard for us to take time become silent and introspective. To shed the outside world and just be? To really drop the chaos and bullshit?

The reason is because our society has made it extremely difficult to do just that.

The amount of external factors in our lives has increased at a staggering proportion. And because of this it forces us to rarely go IN. We are perpetually being pulled OUT. 

Emails, work, texts, ads, TV, social media, meetings, newest that, must have this, fomo, guilt, shame, success, money, everything.

It's not that we need to live in caves and meditate for the rest of our lives. It's that our center. Our core. Our Truth, should be priority number one. WE should be number one. And from there see the world as it is. 

Decide how we want to interact in it. Choose to engage these outside world from a place of power, not fear. Not "have to." Or "should." But from, "Yes!" and "I want to."

Nothing may change and everything may change. The actions may be the same but the awareness and center of strength could totally be different. Imagine that. 

One of Self. Not smallness. 



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