Catching the Holy F$%k Moment in life.

There's this interesting moment that happens when I'm taking a cold shower...

I call it the "Holy fuck/ why am I doing this to myself/ have I lost my bloody mind" moment. 

It's that exact moment when the cold water comes into contact with my skin. 

And in that moment a spiral can happen. Thoughts, anger, pain, greyness, basically a shutting down of my power. 

However, if I can catch this moment, drop it, and breathe into my belly, the moment passes and I hit a fluid state. I then open to it. I unclench my muscles. Lean into it. And find where my body can expand.

Cold water, yes. Suffering, no. There is no story. There is no freakout. It's a moment of holding silence while an external force, as uncomfortable as it is, is interacting with my body. 

I bring this cold shower example up because life is no different. We all have our versions of cold water. An external force coming into contact with us. Painful at first. An emotional reaction next. But after that it is our choosing how and what we want to do. 

Spiral? Freak out? Or hold the position? Breathe into it and expand. 

Catch the Holy Fuck and choose what comes next. 



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