Go for the gold

Being a coach/practitioner/mentor/advisor/consultant, whatever the terminology, is a very unique position to be in. 

It allows you to see the depths of someone's soul. To fight for it. 

But it also requires commitment, on both ends. It requires accountability. 

Not only that it is crucial to catch the areas of life that hold them back. The parts that are unseen. Unowned. 

And it's also a chance to turn up the heat. How much can this person stretch. How much of their wanting is there. How to do it. All while being aligned with who they are. Not just some standard formula. 

The beauty in this is optimization. Time. Thoughts. Feelings. 

The more we become optimized to who we truly are, the better our lives. The more fulfilled. 

And if you fill unfulfilled, are looking for MUCH MORE, please find that support system. 

Find someone who has ruthless compassion to optimizing you to be your best. 

It's not weakness. It's actually the strongest thing a person can do. 

As a wise man once said, "I've never seen an olympian win a gold medal without an incredible coach."

Time for the gold. 



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