The skeptic's post.

I was having a conversation with a client the other day and she said she was an extremely skeptical human being. I told her I understood. I was a lawyer, which is latin for skeptic. 

She asked how she could ever believe in anything other than what science had proven or what she understood to be factually bound to this material plane. Again, I understood. 

I told her you don't have to believe in anything. That's the beauty. But she felt like this skepticism was holding her back in life. The blinders were always on.

The only answer I had was to start looking for "facts" that don't seem like facts. The magical and mysterious is everywhere. In everything. Find what's been "proven" by science and still marvel at the absolutely insanity of it occurring. 

We began discussing how a placenta forms and the craziness of birth. Dinosaurs. Lizards regrowing tails. Cancer cells "cured" by placebos. Breathing the same air as Julius Caesar. The Great Pyramid and the mathematical precision at which it was built. Earth as a speck of dust in the cosmos. Why death is certain. The abundance and lack of time. And lastly, how a heart can feel so many emotions at once. 

Ah, such is life.

And that is a fact.


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