A pious note on MindF@%ks

A quick Friday night reminder about mindfucks. 

Everyone has them. They happen. It's ok. 

We are human. We are heaps of random material walking upright with a consciousness. 

We are literally battling millions of years of mindfucks. Or if you're a creationist (which is fine), we're battling about 6,000 years of mindfucks. (If you're a creationist you have less of a reason to have mindfucks but still very mindfuckable all the same). 

Moral of the story is that we as humans are extremely complex. More complex than we know.

So when we are spiraling into a pit of insanity about something our boss, friend, or family member said, it's probably because of something much more primal and cosmic then we can possibly fathom.

Enjoy the weekend. Release the mindfuck. Kisses. 




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