Use Your Space Wisely

Space is a commodity. It's precious. At least to me. 

Space in the home. Space in the office. Space on the airplane. Space in my mind. 

And the thing about space is that it is getting tighter and tighter. 

We are losing space. 

So how do you get space back?

First step is to want it. Demand it. Now on an airplane you'll most likely be dragged off. But demand space in your life. 

Space from external noise. Space from social media. Space from opinions. Space from judgment. Space from work. 

Second step is to use it. Use your space. Meditate. Breathe. Run. Workout. Flex. Sing. Don't think. 

Use your space! Because if you don't use it, someone else will. 

Once you start using it things will start to feel very different in life. 

All of a sudden it will feel as if you have 



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