Bridget "She Fierce" Kennedy's Birthday

Today is my wife's birthday. Bridget "She Fierce" Kennedy. She is one of the main reasons for this email/blog continuing as long as it has.  

I started back in 2014 with an idea of wanting to share what I was learning as I transitioned out of being a lawyer. 

I was absolutely amazed there was another way to BE, to live, to breathe, to love. It was as if I discovered up was down and down was up. I couldn't stop talking about it. About beliefs, feelings, mental constructs, energy, pain, consciousness. 

And while I thought my enthusiasm was pretty damn badass, Bridget needed me to start sharing with other people. Actually any other person. The shine wore off quickly when I would wake her up in the middle of the night and say, "Bridge, I've been thinking..." Or "Did you know xyz..." Or "We need to change everything, right now, no questions asked..." Or "Is this all nonsense? Have I just made the biggest mistake of my life..." Or "I've figured it out, all of it....oh wait, no, we're screwed."

No matter what, she listened. Still does. The highs, the lows. The ideas, the good and the bad. She is my rock. To endure someone meditating 6-8 weeks away from home a year and creating a business on inner transformation, you'd have to be someone special. 

And now that I've found me. My business. My mission. It is her turn. And as she returns back to acting, watch out. Mama is coming and is going to tear up the industry. I have no doubt. Truly. 

Keep an eye out for my beautiful wife, Bridget Kennedy. She is a phenom and saint...with a whisper of an Irish temper that will bring the strongest men to their knees. 



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