How to beat Monday

Mondays always hit me hard. It's the residual from the lawyering days of shock of coming off the weekend. It's amazing the imprint is still there. 

But as the day goes on, I get back into the swing of things and then I feel more centered and productive.

However...there are times when I can't snap out of it. Not one damn bit. 

So, I start asking myself a series of questions that may appear to be quite obvious, but for me, it is the obvious ones that are the most illusive and easily dismissible. These questions are in place to make sure I don't go too far down the rabbit hole of darkness. 

The questions:

1. Have I meditated? Obvious but sometimes I don't have time in the morning and it throws my entire day out of whack. It's like everything is slightly off 

2. What did I eat the night before? This affects me on a larger scale than previously thought. Heavy meats, carbs or sweets past 7pm on a Sunday, well, you might as well count Monday as a wash. I don't drink anymore but when I did, I found drinking on a Sunday especially ruined my Monday. 

3. Did I work out? I need to hit breathing and working out hard on Monday. I need to slap Monday in the face like a.____slaps a____ (feel free to insert any words you find appropriate of someone or something deserving a nasty ass slap). 

4. Who is in control? I forget this one. Usually if I'm off it's because I've allowed someone or something else to be more important than me. AND NOTHING, NO ONE, IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ME. EVER! 

5. Have I eaten? Similar to #2 but back to food affecting general disposition. It is so important to see which foods affect us and how. I've mostly cut out carbs and sugar for the majority of the week. I found that they slow my thinking down, I become lethargic energetically and slightly gloomy. Also, have I eaten? My work is deeply involuted and quiet and often times I forget to eat. I skip meals and when I do, phew, death!

The key to all these questions that work for ME (may not work for you) is that these are all things I can control. And once I find that balance and enact the things that make me feel better, I am 8 times out of 10 good to go for the day. Those other 2 times...pray for my wife. Bryce is going to be brutal. 

So, see which questions you want to ask yourself if you start the day down and out. It's good to be a scientist and get to the bottom of it. A lot of times it is controllable.  



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