Deep levels of anxiety and a reason behind it.

At some level we are all a little funky. Our dreams, our desires, our deepest darkest thoughts. They aren't...perfect.  

The "perfect person." How it is shoved down our throats. Perfect love, job, retirement, home, marriage, body, gratitude, kindness, selflessness. Perfectly perfect in every perfect way. 

Now the bitch of it ain't true. 

This is why there is pain in the world. The attempt to conform to something that is not us. Never will be us. Never should be us. And because we desperately try to fit a square peg into a round hole, we will suffer. 

The people I work with one on one or at corporations pretty much all feel this. This low level anxiety that permeates the day. 

And 9 times out of 10 it's because something is out of alignment. Something that doesn't quite fit. 

So, moral of the story to us all, including myself, anything we perceive externally will never be perfect. Anything we compare ourselves or try to conform to, will never be perfect. It can't be.

The only thing perfect is deep within waiting to be owned. Us in the truest form. And I guarantee it is way more powerful and incredibly perfect than we could ever imagine. 

Simple as that. Now let's use the rest of this lifetime to get there. 



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