In My Humble Opinion, It is Time.

I was talking with a friend yesterday about life, the beauty, the hell, the struggle, the triumph. 

And we both came to this conclusion (phrased differently):

Her: Life is one big game. 

Me: It's all a fucking joke. 

She put it more eloquently so we will go with that. But the point is, this life is meant to be played. It is strategic. Fun. Artful. Manipulative. There is cheating. There is collusion. There is destruction. There is victory!

And when seen from the playing field, it all looks real. It's very serious. The rules are the rules. 

However, when we zoom out and see the game for what it is, a game...well, things change. 

The rules change. The seriousness changes. Perspective changes. The needs change. 

When we see this, that it was all constructed by people that decided what the rules were, what pieces mattered, which properties were important, and how much the funny money was worth, we can begin to choose if we want to play. 

Or, do we want to change games?

OR do we want to create our own?

It's a game. It's a fucking joke. 

Time to choose and create, in my humble opinion. 



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