Not knowing that it's been wrong all along.

When I almost failed out of law school my first semester in Miami, I realized very quickly that something was off. Obviously. 

Granted we had three devastating hurricanes. Black mold infestation in the dorms. And a whole lot of partying...I mean, it was Miami. 

But what occurred to me is that I never figured out how to study. Insane, right? I learned how to do it like other people. I tried their tried and true methods. I did it for years. Memorization. Highlighting. Repetition. 

And yet, it never worked. 

So, I had to start all over. My very good friend and I, VA, locked ourselves in our room and we deconstructed studying. What worked, what didn't. What was a distraction and what wasn't. What was easy but not effective. We had to unearth learning methods that had never been taught. Never been tried. 

We eventually came to the conclusion that I was a visual learner. I never knew that. Almost three decades and I never knew that. Damn shame. 

We ended up diagramming and creating incredible visuals of legal issues, cases, ideas, rules, laws. We didn't use any electronics. No highlighters. We had huge white boards to write on with incredible colors. 

It took longer. Oh yes. It took forever. But once we found the secret to my learning, I was on fire. 

My GPA went from a 2.6 to a 3.87.

This is no different in life. Some of us never figured out how WE were meant to live. What our way of studying for life is... We just follow. 

Go to work. Come home. Weekend. Vacation. Repeat. 

The question is, is how much more is waiting on the other side of learning? How much further can it take you. Big, Big leaps in life. It's all there. 

If you would like to try this leap, email me, I am currently holding individual one day sessions, from 9-5, where we totally deconstruct and  One day. All about you and your new WAY. 



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