Why must it be earned...cont.

I received a lot of responses and questions from my post yesterday. Always a good sign that it's stirred something up . 

The discussion was focused our need for things to be earned in order to enjoy certain aspects of life. For example, vacation, a new car, time off, sleeping in, a drink, a good meal, healthy body. "I've worked hard all week so I deserve xyz. I've certainly earned it."

And my argument was, why does it have to be earned? Why the justification? 

A good friend of mine sent a post of The Rock and how he used the word Earn.  "If I can't earn it, then I don't want it."

Interesting. The part of me that loves sacrifice, hard work, pride, was totally inspired by this. It's a badge of honor! Walk around with my head held high to have a body and career like The Rock. Nothing wrong with that. I would have earned it. 

But, back to the same question, why does it have to be earned? This does not discount hard work. Long hours. This does not mean not having laser focus on your goal and letting nothing stand in your way. NOTHING! 

Earn to me is limiting. It means there are conditions set in place that must be satisfied until I reach my goal. These badges of honor. These, "Once I hit this point in my life, career, body, bank account, THEN shall I celebrate my victories."

What if along the way you were simply handed something you didn't earn. I mean the whole point of earning is to receive this "thing." Ewww... but it wasn't earned. You don't deserve it. By why?

Why do we have to hit this arbitrary benchmark that we never set? 

The reason I bring this up is maybe there are areas in life that we are all waiting to earn before we allow them in. Maybe we are actually blocking some fundamental pieces that are waiting for us to get the hell out of the way so we can receive. NOW. Before we "earn" it. 

How crazy would it be if the thing we wanted most was actually ready for us to have it...but we were blocking it merely because we haven't "earned" it yet? Damn shame.

Down the rabbit hole we go.




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