3 rules for living and owning the hell out of life.

1. "The only thing constant in life is change." Heraclitus 

  • And yet we hate it. We loathe it. We fear it. We fight it. But, it is coming. Sure as night follows day. If we can adapt to change as a higher function of living, we are well on our way to embracing change. Not to fear it in the depths of our hearts but welcome it as a teacher and enabling force of growth. 

2. Vulnerability is a fundamental level of caring. 

  • We are all vulnerable. No one escapes this. Some are just better at it than others. But deep inside us, we care. Deeply. So deeply that it has the potential to hurt. To get hurt. And it's not that we care what others think (of course we do), but rather we care FOR others. It's easy to twist the care. To project it. To hide it. But, when someone acknowledges the care at the core of their being, they can truly be vulnerable, which in actuality is nothing more than transparency of the soul. No masks. No charades. No bullshit. 

3. Darkness is the path to the light. 

  • We all have this human body. It is an animal body. We hunger. We want sex. We sleep. We also have a connection to something bigger. Call it what you will. God, Light, Love, Truth, Infinity, Totality. Our connection to this or rather the part of us that is this craves the purity of it. It is the part that believes in something more. Something bigger. The hiccup in all of this is how to reconcile the Divine Beast? Our divinity with the animal body? And the answer is simple, own it. We must own ALL of our parts. The parts that know how to connect to high spaces of consciousness while also seeing the deep sexual wants and desires. The parts that like a lion, know how to rip a throat out of a zebra without shame or regret. It's not that we act on these parts, but it is powerful to acknowledge what the hell is inside us instead of pretending that we are not what we are. Embrace the experience and push it. 

These are very broad brush strokes on very complicated topics. They are by no means complete and could definitely have more context. That said, this blog is meant to stoke the fires of power deep within. It is meant to question the prison of the mind and begin to see what else is beyond the cage. It is meant to awaken and give permission to the parts that have been suppressed for a lifetime. 

And as T.S. Eliot once wrote: "Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

Shall we go far?




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