An Important Rule in Making the Right Decision.

I was listening to the Noah Kagan podcast and he was interviewing Keith Ferrazzi, author and entrepreneur. 

Noah: How do you know when you've made the right decision?

Keith: With this question...have you perfected the ability to trust what voice you listen to?

Noah: How do you do that? 

Keith: Practice. 


And that's it. What voice to listen to. Some people are extremely clear with the voices they listen to. Their gut. Their instinct. That deep down knowing. 

I on the other hand have never trusted mine. It's dramatic. It's full of false starts. It's mixed with voices of my family, friends, society. 

For years I never even knew there was a difference between the voice in my head and MY voice. I thought they were one in the same.

Until, this voice (more like a core knowing) started pulling me in a different direction. A direction that went against the other voices. 

This knowing grew. And so did my path. Soon it led to a relentless hunt for this ME. I AM. My voice. 

And for the last seven years, every single day, I have practiced, searched, scraped, clawed, begged, beaten, cried, killed, lit, hunted, for my voice. 

Knowing which voice to listen to. Knowing which path to follow. KNOWING! Is the key. It does not matter what job you have, where you come from, who you do or do not have in your life, it is your voice and your voice alone that will carry you through the darkest times and to the highest highs. 

Because once you find that voice, you will most likely realize it is connected to something much, much, bigger than this skin suit we call us. 

And then your voice will BOOM. 




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