Straight to the point!

I've always admired people who get straight to the point. 

It's sharp. It's discerning. It's responsible. 

That doesn't mean it always feels good to hear or that I do it all the time. 

But it is a way of living that has integrity. 

It's not mushy. It's not leaky. It's not passive. 

Straight and to the point. 

And keep in mind, this doesn't mean there isn't care behind it. If anything it is the opposite. 

It's because there is such a high level of respect for their time and yours that there is no room for bullshit. 

This is also an interesting way to live. Finding the areas in life that aren't quite straight. That weave around in defense or protection mechanisms. Things that aren't said. Hiding. People and situations that are avoided. Goals that are too complicated. 

We are a unique lot. No doubt about it. But if we're really trying to live to the fullest, being straight and to the point is a hell of a first step. 



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