This trait is what pushes through difficulties.

It takes guts. This life. It really does. 

It's not for the meek. 

There is a certain level stubbornness in us humans. 

Some use that stubbornness to shut off the world and call it a day.

Others use it to forge ahead. Pushing through difficulties, large and small. 

This stubbornness that forges ahead will accept nothing less than Truth. 

It loathes falsity. 

It takes guts because it is so easy to quit. To ignore decades of internal screaming. 

But here we are. August 15, 2018. We are all here. Something inside us must want "this," whatever "this" is. 

Somehow we haven't quit.

And so hats off to today.

Through all the hardships, the fuckups, the knockdowns, the victories, the abuses, the celebrations, the love, the darkness, the hate, the beauty, the destruction, the adventures, the you, the YOU,

We have made it to today. Let's go out with a bang. 



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