She devours her prey

The different parts of being human:

The animal.
The lover.
The fighter. 
The coward.
The victim. 
The predator. 
The king.
The queen. 
The good boy/girl.
The beast.
The angel.

All parts of being a human. All parts that need to be seen. All parts that need to be owned. Some of us only see one or two of these. We think that is us. That's fine. It's a fine life. 

However, some are searching for more. Some want more than fine. And so we must confront ALL of these parts. 

Confronting... they are. 

When we see these parts we have desperately repressed, it can be downright shocking. Disgusting. Denying. THIS IS NOT ME!

But once we do see them. Feel them. Acknowledge them...they no longer lurk. They no longer affect. They no longer manipulate in the background. They are yours to use as you so choose, if you want. 

Who knows, maybe the beast deserves a moment in the light to devour her prey. 



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