The thing we refuse to hear

I get to work with a lot of tremendous people. 

Wildly successful in their professions. It's humbling. 

They've sacrificed so many years getting to where they are now. 

They've hit their stride. 

And yet, when they come to me, something is missing. 

They may have the money, the home, the family, whatever checked box it is...

But still, something is missing. 

So, we find it. 

And you know what we find? Something that changes the whole game. 

It's terrifying. It's heartbreaking. It's inappropriate. It's ruthless. It's healing. It's rage. It's grief. It's unabashed joy. 

You know what we find? THEM. 

We find THEM!

Ain't nothing like it in the world. A discovery of I AM. 

Could you imagine having someone trapped in the bowels of your soul and it never having a chance to see the light of day. 

Success achieved without that I AM being online is impressive. It is. That takes a lot of work. Hard, grinding, unforgiving work. 

But at some point, that I AM needs to shine. And you may be surprised just how successful you/we can become. 

It could knock your socks off. A different level. Earth shattering. 

Take a pause. A few deep breaths. Still the body. Put the phone down. Feel your heart beat. Listen to the deep echos within. And then sink deeper. And deeper. And deeper.

There you go. See if you can start to feel a whispering of the I AM. 

It's waiting. 



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