Four women in white

I don't often write fiction. Actually, I never write fiction. However, I was standing before a lake a few weeks ago. It's called Emerald Lake. There was something so stunningly beautiful about it. It took my breath away. It was at a place called Mt. Lassen in upstate California.

While I was standing there I had this most incredible story enter into my head. And I thought I would share it.

It the ocean, 1664 AD:

The ship was getting pummeled by waves as the crew was desperately trying to keep it afloat. It was the worst storm many of the seasoned sailors had seen in their lives. But it wasn’t the crushing rain, or the deafening lightning that was putting the men in jeopardy, it was the flying beasts.

Monstrous animals appearing with each lightning strike barreling down on the vessel with ferocity in their eyes and hunger in their teeth. Their instinct was carnal. Their motivations primal.

Feed and destroy.

Most of the men had heard of dragons but never had seen them in person. Most prayed it was merely a myth. As they found out that night, it wasn’t.

Slowly the wooden hull of the ship began to splinter from the attacks. Armed with only cannons the men stood no chance against the ruthless maneuvers of these prehistoric assassins.

While the chaos consumed the deck, below was a completely different scene. Four women, dressed in white, were in meditation around a single flame. Darkness of the strange quarters below melted into the pristine whiteness and devouring flame. Light and dark. Nothing else.

With the destruction above, the women soon realized the ship would be lost, and they would not make their destination.

Their mission.

They had one option, perform the ritual. NOW! Nestled below the chaos and death, they began. Perfect verticality in their backs. Deafening silence in their minds. The initiation of a power inside them that only few could handle.

Slowly the women descended into a piercing whiteness. It grew. Consuming them.

The meditation intensified. There was no beginning and no end to the flame or themselves. The space of whiteness enlarged. Each woman holding desperately to the ritual. To holding the power. To opening themselves beyond human capacity. Their physicality, tested. Screaming from every cell in their body to stop.

They couldn’t.

They wouldn’t.

The whiteness was wild. It demanded totality. Their hearts ripping apart. Droplets of blood dripping from their noses as their corporeality begin to fail. Scenes of their past, present and future, exploded in their ears.

If one were to waiver in the least, all would be lost. Thousands of years of light, possibly extinguished in a second. Forever. Everything. Nothing. Love. Hate. Duality.

The seed of it all. Truth.

And with a gulp, the whiteness imploded into the candle.

Deafening silence.

And with a cosmic boom, the whiteness exploded out into a millenia of color. 

Aeons of sound. A knowing. A return.

Flame and woman. Extinguished.

Annihilation of both dragon and man. A rupture in the fabric of life.

An opening beyond comprehension.




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