It's not the How, it's the WHY

When I work with clients there are a few basic questions I always ask:

1. How are you feeling? 
2. What's not working in life?
3. How long has it been going on?
4. Why hasn't it or can't it change?
5. When was a time you remember when this wasn't a problem?
6. What was that feeling like?
7. So what do you want now?
8. Can you feel that?
9. Are there any thoughts that come up and block that?
10. Ok, shall we begin?

A very simple set of questions but so critical in finding out what is going on with someone. What their mindset is and if they know what they want. 

Before we dig into the HOW, it's always good to get a overview of the WHY. 

When I catch myself spinning and looking for more of the hows, I always start over and begin to look at the why. 

And then I ask myself question number 10 again. Am I willing to begin? That may be the hardest. Because it takes true honesty. When I do say Yes with full intention, that's when something clicks in. 

Works like a charm. 

Feel free to use these in times of a stuckness, spinning, or unhappiness. It's a good start. 

If you need more help with anything above, feel free to look at options to work together and schedule a call.  



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