In the darkness lies the answers

Powerful approaches to becoming what you want most in life.

Deep in the recesses of our soul are incomprehensible evils. 

Darkness that would make the heavens weep. 

Thoughts that have been banned from society. 

Fears at the most horrific level. 

Sins at the seventh circle of hell. 

And guess what, we all have 'em. 

We are animals. We are divine, yes. But we are animals. 

And violence comes from repressing them. Explosions that have been boiling for years. Never facing the depths in a controlled manner. 

It's not these parts of us that are bad, it's the fact we aren't allowed to see them. Feel them. Explore them. Own them. 

That is bad. 

Because if we do, I bet you we would all be a lot less neurotic, fearful, anxious human beings. 

Funny how the answer to peace lies in the "darkness."



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