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I came home today and there in the fridge was a giant hunk of vegan chocolate cake. 

It was phenomenal. Tasted like an angel made it by hand. Woven from the smiles of unicorns.

Organic. Dairy free. Animal free. 

After I finished, I went online to order a cheeseburger. Meaty. Dairy. Processed. Heaven. 

The cow, a sacrafice to me. Made from the gods themselves. 

I am a man of extremes. Vegan to carnivore. 

Light to dark. 

Silent to Screaming. 

Open to closed. 

The key for me in this life is to find that middle. Or, if I'm going to indulge in the extremes, be aware of it. Make it conscious. A choice. Not to be pulled from some reactionary state that I have no control over. 

We lose the freedom when it is unconscious. When it is habitual. When we don't even know we have a choice. That's when freedom is taken from us. And if we are truly imbued with this gift, we must assert it. 

Cultivate it. 

Master it. 

Was I Conscious when I ordered that heavenly piece of meat? You're goddamn right I was. Was I filled with reactionary rage when I found the place closed and I was forced to eat a tofu lettuce wrap...absofuckinglutely.

Man of extremes. 




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