One of the best pizza places in NYC

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I normally don't believe the hype around touristy NY pizza shops.

It's a constant disappointment. 

However, there is one. Totonno's. The original in Coney Island. 

It's about a 40 minute wait once your order. They're snarky. They've been around for 93 years. They have a right to be. 

They don't need me. They don't care about instagram. They aren't going to call you when your table is ready. You can get your water out of the same sink you wash your hands in. 

It's the pizza they care about. And you can taste it. 

The crust is like being transported back in time. It's rustic. It's family. It's old school. It's tried and true. 

By the slice? Don't you even dare. 

This pizza is meant to be eaten whole. Hot. Fresh. Anything less would be a disgrace. 

And yet, a 2 hour wait sometimes.

Maybe, just maybe, the love of the craft and the art of creation still stands for itself. 

In a world of cheap, fast, processed...Totonno's genuine, slow, fresh is like the new black.

And not going anywhere. 



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