That horrible phrase- Just Do It

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God how I hate that phrase. 

And yet, there it is. As much as I hate it, there is that nugget of truth in there. Do "it."

We all know there is something to be done. This "it." This elephant in the room. 

We just don't want to do "it."  We want to ignore "it." We want to postpone "it." 

And by damned it's our right to do that. 

But alas, when we're sleeping in one day, thinking about what amazing adventure to have..."it" pokes that ugly little head up to remind you "it" hasn't gone anywhere. 

"It" causes anxiety. "It" causes fear. "It" cause lack of self-worth. 

So, in my opinion, if we are to conquer the shit out of this world and our lives, we must deal with "it."

We must look this beast in the face, full on, no backing off. 

And the only way to do that? 

Just do it



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