Happy Hunting

Ferocity. The word itself sounds like a thunderclap across the face. A mountain punch to the gut. Tectonic plates colliding on the spine. 

Sometimes we need to invoke words like this in our lives. 

Especially when we are stuck. In a rut. In a job. In a relationship. 

We often fear the intensity we have buried deep down inside us. And why not? It's animalistic. 

But the opposite ain't good either. Passivity. Complacency. Death. 

In my own life, when I see little to no movement, a healthy dose of ferocity is just what the doctor ordered. 

You see your prey (a clear and concise life goal) and you attack. 

You do not stop until you've ripped the throat out of it and you're standing atop the carcass basking in bloody glory. 

Happy hunting.




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