A very important tool


Having a "new relationship" with life is a very important tool to have in our tool box. 

When we frame it as a "new relationship," something changes. There isn't as much pressure on it. On us.

A new relationship with food. 

With our bodies.

With love. 

With fun. 

With work. 

With ourselves.

There's no pressure to change. No pressure to do, do, do. No pressure to be different or better. There is no "have to" or "should." It's simply a "new relationship."

And there is this quality of honoring ourselves. It's empowering. Because we are choosing it. 

Find that one area of life that isn't working for you. See what type of pressure you may be putting on yourself. Feel it. And then decide, 

Today, I am going to have a new relationship with my body, food, love, work, money, success, family. One that feels bold, fresh, alive, exciting, joyful, loving, beautiful. Nothing to fix. Simply a shift. 





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