Silvery moonlight ether


Not tomorrow. Not the next day, NOW!

For some reason we are built to put things off until later. Especially if they aren't in the line of work or pressure from a job.

We put off health. Travel. Love. Family. Opening. 

We wait for the perfect time. I do. 

"It will be better next year." "Once I have X then I will allow myself to do Y."

And what I've found, is that there is only now. 

I was doing laundry yesterday where I'm meditating for a few more weeks. The night was beautiful. It was about 9:40pm. 

I checked my laundry, put it in the dryer and had about 30 min to kill. 

Facebook? Emails? Instagram? Texts? Planning my next vacation? Car searching?


Look out over the mountains with the moonlight pouring it's magic, silvery ether over the land. Melt into the starlight. Feel the pain that had been simmering under my heart. 

My brain said to do that later. I had "work" to do. And then I realized it had to be NOW. 

I put the phone down. Propped myself up against a tree in a field and enjoyed the NOW. 

I got more "work" done in those 30 minutes than I would have gotten done in a week. 

Funny how those things work. 


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